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Our paper – “ASD-DiagNet: A Hybrid Learning Approach for Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder Using fMRI Data” – has been selected as the Frontiers in Neuroinformatics Editor’s Pick 2021.

This paper is one of the best 23 papers that have been selected out of more than 700 papers – over the past two years. These papers are cited based on strong contribution to theory, and methodology, and studies that have been most impactful. This collection aims to further support Frontiers’ strong community by recognizing highly deserving authors.

Editor Collection 2021 can be accessed using this link:

Our paper can be accessed using this link:


(Very) Recent News

Our paper entitled “High performance computing framework for tera-scale database search of mass spectrometry data” has now accepted and have appeared in Nature Computational Science (Link: In this paper we developed a novel high performance techniques that allows analysis of proteomics data for tera-scale (and beyond) databases using large supercomputers.

Our paper can be accessed at this link:

Homepage for HiCOPS (the hpc framework described above):

Welcome to Dr. Fahad Saeed’s Research Group.

We are an interdisciplinary research group focusing on machine-learning and high performance computing applications-driven research, primarily in the area of computational and systems biology. We are particularly interested in solving big data problems in high-throughput proteomics, genomics and connectomics using variety of high-performance architectures and artificial intelligence, machine-learning and deep-learning strategies

Prospective Students

We are actively looking for exceptional Postdoctoral Fellows (click here) and PhD students (click here).

We are always looking for exceptional PhD students. Contact Prof. Saeed via email (fsaeed [at] fiu (dot) edu) for a possible position in the lab. Interested in joining the group as fully-funded Research Assistant or a Post-Doctoral Fellow? Read this

We are organizing and chairing IEEE International Workshop on High-Performance Computing and Analytics for Big Omics Data (HPC-BOD). Consider submitting a paper. More information at this link.